Francise Rules

On 15. Mai 2013, in Allgemein, by Pad

Here are the rulse to our francise program:

– You have to be older than 1 month
– You have to join our affiliate group. We will invite you after you bought the affiliate vendors. In this group you get vendors from new products.
– With the vendors you get our logo. You have to put it at your store
– Don’t mix our vendors with vendors from other shops. If you have other affiliate vendors place them so that it’s clear which belongs to our shop and wich not
– Only 1 Catch It shop per sim. Do not setup a shop with our products if there is allready a Catch It shop at the same sim.
– In case of someone did not receive a item they can use the redelivery function of the vendors. If that not work please send me the customer  name, and the name and the color of the item which was not delivered. The vendors block if someone tries to buy something double, so we do not give any refunds.
– We reserve the right to terminate your usage of the vendors without refunds if you violate any of these terms
If you have questions, please ask Pad Cioc or Maxxine Forzane before you buy the franchise vendors,

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